How Long is Drug Rehab? Length of Inpatient Rehab Treatment

Connecticut ties in 34th in cheapest to most expensive state for residential drug rehabilitation treatment (non-hospital). Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Connecticut, and Florida all share the same average cost for outpatient drug rehabilitation treatment. Men account for roughly 3/4ths of all patients that seek substance abuse treatment in Connecticut. People interested in getting addiction help at a drug rehab center are often concerned about the average length of addiction treatment.

A 30-day rehab program gives recovering addicts the chance to test the waters. It is an opportunity to gain insight into the recovery process and gain confidence about continuing with a longer program. Some people may only need outpatient treatment, which can last a few weeks to a few months. Others may require more long-term options such as a long-term inpatient program, which can last 90 days or more. Additionally, after completing an addiction treatment program, you may require an aftercare program or sober living arrangement. Rhode Island ranks 39th in cheapest to most expensive state for residential drug abuse treatment.

How Long Does Rehab Last for Different Rehab Programs?

Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence is grounds for severe legal repercussions, too. Research suggests they often thrive in long-term recovery, reconnecting with family and enjoying economic success. Short-term visits are also preferable for people with very busy schedules.

This includes improving communication, problem-solving, and coping mechanisms. While detoxification is crucial, long-term rehabilitation goes beyond that. It encompasses a holistic approach to addressing the underlying causes of addiction and provides a solid foundation for lasting recovery.

Factors Affecting Recovery Timeline

Minnesota ranks 20th in cheapest to most expensive state for residential drug rehabilitation treatment (non-hospital). Minnesota’s average cost for outpatient drug rehabilitation services is the same as New Mexico’s. Since 2015, admissions for alcohol, marijuana, and other opiates has decreased while admissions for heroin has remained the same. Massachusetts ranks 27th in cheapest to most expensive state for residential drug rehabilitation treatment. More than half of all drug rehabilitation admissions in Massachusetts are due to heroin abuse.

how long is drug rehab

These programs place someone in a safe environment where they can detox with the help of medications and constant monitoring of medical professionals. Trained professionals know the physical and emotional effects of withdrawals and can provide relief and support during the worst phases of withdrawal. When you’re first deciding on whether to go to alcohol/drug rehab, 30 days could seem like a doable option. Insurance coverage is also likely for 30-day alcohol or drug addiction treatment. A 30-day treatment program is good for those who don’t know where to start.

How Long Is Inpatient Drug Treatment?

This increases their chances of developing the tools needed to sustain sobriety during recovery. It also keeps them away from negative influences for longer periods of time. Calls to our general how long is drug rehab hotline may be answered by private treatment providers. We may be paid a fee for marketing or advertising by organizations that can assist with treating people with substance use disorders.

how long is drug rehab

The various treatment programs available across the country reflect the diverse nature of substance use disorders. When setting out on your treatment journey, it’s important to begin the process with realistic expectations. Addiction alters the chemistry of the brain, causing drastic changes the longer someone uses a substance. Therefore, the process of getting treatment and reaching long-lasting sobriety may take an extended period to reverse these changes. When choosing a program, it’s helpful to first focus on what will bring about the highest chance of long-term success.

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