How Payroll Automation Can Save Your Company Time and Money

payroll automation process

Working this step into your monthly reconciliations allows you to make necessary adjustments before the books are closed. Double-check each journal entry line item against the different payroll reports you have pulled. Do the total gross wages in your entry tie out to what’s on the report?

These features ensure that companies stay in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, avoiding costly fines and penalties. Data Security – Every company has the liability to protect the information of its employees. Payroll management as a process involves large quantities of sensitive data, such as salary, advances or hours worked.

Playroll: Automating Payroll and More for Businesses Hiring Globally

In addition, they can be viewed as the automated payroll system that’s the most flexible for businesses. To know how much non-salary employees have earned, organizations must know how much those employees have worked. Payroll automation software also gives employees a centralized place to enter their hours, move shifts, record payroll automation process any overtime, and submit everything for supervisor approval. HR teams no longer even need to make deposits, as an automated system can store and use an employee’s direct deposit information to transact net wages instantly. Adjustments to employee data can be entered, stored, and applied to future payrolls just as easily.

How do I automate payroll in Excel?

  1. Open Microsoft Excel. Yes, we're starting from the very beginning.
  2. Save the Files.
  3. Setting Up Payroll Management Parameters.
  4. Data Input.
  5. Calculation of Gross Pay.
  6. Determine Income Tax.
  7. Check and Calculate Deductions.
  8. Determine Net Salary.

Automating payroll helps you run your business more efficiently, leaves less opportunity for error, and ensures your employees are paid accurately. Automated payroll systems prevent mistakes from happening and allow businesses to change and update their data in one centralized database. Depending on the software, employees will even be able to update their personal information themselves via self-service functions. While there’s no avoiding payroll, businesses can significantly reduce the complexity and workload behind it by automating their processes.

Boost the Effectiveness of Your Payroll Operations

Payroll usually falls under finance or HR, depending on the organization. Payroll functions that RPA bots could assist with or take over include expense payment processing and validating payroll results. Download our Guide to Global Payroll to learn more about how you can efficiently manage international payments and ensure a happy global team. Deel offers a payroll card for contractors that enables you to spend your money directly from your Deel balance.

Payroll accounting encompasses every required law and regulation to promote compliance. In 2022, however, payroll has become a complex and sophisticated process that requires specific software in order to manage it. Payroll software automates the calculation of wages, deductions, and tax withholdings, as well as providing reports for both employers and employees. A bot can enter the termination in the payroll system and perform the calculations automatically, which could increase final payroll processing accuracy. A payroll administrator can launch the bot when the termination occurs or schedule the bot to periodically search for terminated employees in the company’s human resource information system. Some companies’ pay structures include rules or exceptions that require manual processing and calculating.

Employee benefits management

According to the American Payroll Association, almost half of the US employees leave their jobs if they experience problems with their paychecks twice. It demonstrates how costly manual errors resulting from payroll management can be for a business. Using automated software also eliminates the risk of human error that can happen with manual data entry for payroll calculations. A payroll software uses advanced technology to calculate figures like deductions and overtime pay for the highest level of accuracy. Unlike a paycheck calculator, you don’t have to input the data on your own.

Why automate payroll process?

An automated payroll solution improves employee satisfaction by reducing the amount of time on repetitive and manual processes. Payroll teams are then free to focus on more value-added tasks, helping to reduce workload and stress for employees.

Depending on the complexity of the software, you may have to pay for additional training. Either way, employees should be given time to familiarize themselves with the software. Compare these features side by side to find the best automated solution to suit your company, whether you’re just starting out or experiencing a period of rapid growth. Many systems will have portals allowing both employees and HR professionals to login and update records, with full customer support. Most software companies offer free trials or demo versions of their programs, so take advantage of them!

When payroll is paid and the checking account balance decreases, a credit will be recorded. The payroll journal entry records the payroll in your accounting system. There will be a line item for each separate expense account with an offsetting credit to the payroll bank account or wages payable account.

If you’re still manually running your payroll each period, hopefully you’ve been convinced by now that it’s worth it to automate your process. Start researching different automated payroll systems and crunching the numbers to find the ROI. You’ll find the benefits of automated payroll can save you a lot of time and money and have you reaching for the ibuprofen a little less often. Payroll involves more than simply cutting a check at the end of the month.


Stay compliant and pay your entire global workforce right from your Deel platform. Payroll tax varies by state and can change from one year to another. And if you hire people from different countries, you have to understand and comply with tax laws in each country. Historically, payroll administration has not been a leading candidate for RPA, according to the 2016 Shared Service & Outsourcing Network’s RPA survey.

The data is run through a processing workflow which can be setup to output data into a format that can be uploaded into your current accounting software. Despite these challenges, upgrading to a new payroll system or provider can ultimately lead to a more efficient and streamlined payroll process, saving time and resources in the long run. By carefully considering the benefits and drawbacks and taking steps to mitigate risks, accounting professionals can make an informed decision about whether to upgrade their payroll system. Just think how much more free time you will have when you don’t have to spend all day figuring out payroll.

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